About Criss Cross Docking

Refrigerated Storage Warehouse Northern Indiana

Convenient Indiana Cross Docking Location

Crossdocking (cross-docking) saves you time and money. This warehousing activity includes the unloading and transferring of materials from one truck and loading them onto another with little or no warehousing in between. Cross docking streamlines your trucking transportation flow since you can change trucks, sort materials bound for different locations, or temporarily hold materials to be combined and shipped to different locations.

Our convenient Michiana location at the “Crossroads of America” is well suited to trucks traveling in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and other points in the Midwest. We are very close to South Bend and Elkhart, Indiana and not far from Indianapolis.

Multi-temperature, Food Grade Indiana Warehouse

Our food grade, multi-temperature warehouse offers 3 loading docks, including one for semi-trailer access. In addition, the facility offers a large staging area where inbound materials can be sorted, consolidated and stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship. Dry as well as refrigerated warehouse space is available. For the safety of cargo stored in our warehouse, no hazardous or medical products are allowed.

Call toll free 855-452-7677 to reserve your space.